Benefits of Mediation from an Approved Divorce Mediator in Kansas City

Learn about the benefits of mediation from Bridget Schell, an Attorney at Law and Divorce Mediator in Kansas City, approved by the Kansas Supreme Court.

If you are approaching a divorce, a mediation could be a successful choice for you and your family. Couples and families searching for an approved divorce mediator in Kansas City can turn to Bridget Schell, Attorney at Law. Read on to learn more about mediation, and why it might be a good choice for you and your family.

What is mediation?Approved Divorce Mediator in Kansas City

A mediation is a flexible process used to settle an agreement, and involves the two sides in the dispute as well as an independent third party, known as a mediator. Mediation can be used to reach agreements in many
different circumstances, including family or marital disputes, contract disputes, consumer disputes, or neighborhood disputes. The goal of mediation is to find a solution to the issue and to reach a common agreement that both parties are willing to accept. The mediator is there to provide guidance for both parties to reach a resolution, and avoids taking sides.

What are the benefits of a mediation?

  • Mediation can be less costly than a typical divorce.
  • A mediation can generally be resolved faster than a divorce.
  • Mediation can offer greater confidentiality and flexibility.
  • Mediations can help to keep children away from the conflict.
  • Mediations can help to promote better future communication and understanding between the two parties.

How do I find approved divorce mediator in Kansas City?

If you believe that a mediation is the best way to move forward with your divorce, it’s important to locate an approved divorce mediator in Kansas City. Bridget Schell is an attorney at law with the Schell Law Firm, LLC, and is a Kansas Supreme Court approved mediator. Bridget Schell has helped many families reach positive agreements and is available to speak with you about your unique situation. To get started, please contact the Schell Law Firm today.